Jewelry Care


Our jewelry is special and delicate by nature. We encourage customers to take extra care when wearing it daily.


Avoid wearing your silver in mineral baths, spas, and swimming pools, as the salt water and chlorine may affect the metal finish.

Remove your jewelry before exercising or prior to bedtime. Excessive perspiration and body oils can sometimes surface tarnish the piece.

Before you put any jewelry on, be sure any lotions, perfumes and make up are absorbed into your skin. Apply all hair products, especially hair spray, before you put on the jewelry.

Remove all sterling silver jewelry when cleaning. Harsh chemicals from dishwater detergents, house chemical will tarnish sterling silver.

Your Sterling silver pieces should be cleaned with a special cloth. This will remove any tarnish and dullness and keep your jewelry looking like new. Never use tissues or paper towels for cleaning silver. These products will scratch the surface of the jewelry. Ideally, try to keep pieces apart, so that they so don’t rub together or tangle up.


To prolong the Gold-Plating, remove rings, bracelets, etc. when washing hands or hand sanitiser.

Avoid your Gold-Plated jewelry coming into contact with perfume or perfumed lotions. The perfume will react with the plating and cause it to wear off.

Avoid direct contact with water (salt or fresh), excessive perspiration, and chemicals such as chlorine, sulfur, detergent and lotion. Exposing plated jewelry to water will cause the plating to disintegrate or wear off. No showering in your new necklace! (WE ARE SERIOUS LADIES)

To clean Gold-Plated jewelry wipe lightly with a damp cotton cloth to remove surface dirt or dust. Be sure it is completely dry before storing the jewelry again. Do not use a silver cloth or abrasive compounds i.e. baking soda to clean the Gold-Plated jewelry.

Please know that even though we do provide the highest quality of Gold-Plating in our jewelry, our plated jewelry is fragile and could start to wear off with time. We take no responsibility for careless wear or storage.


18K Gold items are suitable for everyday wear however, being so fine in nature, extra care and attention is required to maintain its prime condition. Always carry an appropriate cleaning solution in case your jewelry starts to tarnish. It is normal for tarnishing to occur due to your skin’s acidity, storage conditions or particular creams or perfumes. 

*When putting on sweaters, going through pockets or messy handbags we recommend spinning the rings to the inside of your hand to avoid from getting caught on anything.

Jewelry Sizing

We know the pain of finding your ring size, we have been there. So to make it easier for you, please follow the guide below. We use US sizes as shown below. 

The easiest and quickest way to find your ring size is to measure the diameter of a ring that fits your finger and compare it to the numbers of the chart above.

Another way is to take a piece of string and wrap it around your finger, form it back to a circle and measure the diameter.