The spread love fund

Loca Luna Jewelry is working along with the Be-Zero Organisation in order to help spread the love we have for our beautiful home, Earth.

Be-Zero is an American based Non-Profit Organisation with a mission of inspiring, educating, and activating people from around the world to dramatically reduce their individual plastic and trash footprint and to create simple and sustainable lifestyle habits.

For every purchase Loca Luna will donate $1.00 to the Be-Zero Mission, but you are always welcome to send individual donations of love to our friends in Be-Zero.

We invite you to check them out . 

It all started when...

I moved to Bali.

My trip initiated with the idea of finding inspiration, mental peace, and the brand. I am not going to lie, coming to Bali was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It taught me so much about myself and about the Loca Luna I am trying to shape. I will be forever grateful to this magical island as it gave me the strength to follow my dreams and give birth to Loca Luna Jewelry.

Aside from that, Bali really opened my eyes on how much we are hurting our planet. When you think about Bali, you immediately think of this supernatural paradise island were everything is perfect and surreal. Well, thankfully, the island does still have its awe moments and places. But sadly, all of that awe is getting destroyed and taken over by commercialism, lack of education, and corruption. Beautiful beaches and waterfalls are now selective because of all the trash that fills them. All of that trash, which is 99% plastic, ends up in the ocean, killing and intoxicating everything that lives there. At the end, we humans are the ones who end up paying for all of this and if we don't change this who knows how much longer we have to appreciate the wonders of Mother Earth.

Educating our brothers and sisters is a step to a better world. Bali, like many other third world countries, need this education and I believe that supporting the Be-Zero Mission will help voice our concerns.  

We are doing everything we can to help spread the love, but we welcome you to give us a hand. If you wish to donate to this amazing organisation click DONATE LOVE, and if you can't then please visit their website and inform yourself on ways to help heal our planet and pass this message along to others. 


Natalia Isabel Colichon - Founder

Donate Love