International Women's Day - WILD WOMEN

Dedicated to all the wild and untamed women around the world

I am a wild woman. I trust myself. I never need to look to others to justify my actions. I move when the moon moves. I live by the light of nature. My nature. My soul. My truth. 

I burn with divine energy. People often wonder how I manifest my dreams so easily. My mantra os " I was made for magic". 

I am a wild woman. Money is my fairy dust and joy pulses through my veins. The present moment is my eternal home. 

I care for my fellow wild women. My tribe. My soul sisters. We help each other rise. Elevate. Leaving things that dampen our goddess nature in favour of building communities that live so loudly, no one can deny their magnetism. 


I am a wild woman. Howling at the moon and roaring with laughter. Sitting quietly to listen to the song of my intuition. Wandering the world with big eyes and an even bigger heart. Refusing to censor my soul, I speak my truth every, single, day. Because of this, I am free. 


- The truth and Practice