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International Women's Day - WILD WOMEN

Dedicated to all the wild and untamed women around the world

I am a wild woman. I trust myself. I never need to look to others to justify my actions. I move when the moon moves. I live by the light of nature. My nature. My soul. My truth. 

I burn with divine energy. People often wonder how I manifest my dreams so easily. My mantra os " I was made for magic". 

I am a wild woman. Money is my fairy dust and joy pulses through my veins. The present moment is my eternal home. 

I care for my fellow wild women. My tribe. My soul sisters. We help each other rise. Elevate. Leaving things that dampen our goddess nature in favour of building communities that live so loudly, no one can deny their magnetism. 


I am a wild woman. Howling at the moon and roaring with laughter. Sitting quietly to listen to the song of my intuition. Wandering the world with big eyes and an even bigger heart. Refusing to censor my soul, I speak my truth every, single, day. Because of this, I am free. 


- The truth and Practice



In honour of the month of love, we would like to celebrate the love we have for all our sister around the world.

A sisterhood that we have to protect, love, and stand with. Let us not get divided by competition, envy, jealousy, hierarchy, selfishness, and greed. These attitudes are not only harmful to us sisters but to all humankind. Let us come together in wholeness and remember and celebrate the beauty of feminism. Women around the world we call you to become leaders of positive examples to those sisters who are struggling to find their voice. Let's pass the love to one another and remember we are all sisters made from stardust.  



Full Moon Rituals

The moon:

a powerful feminine symbol, also universally represented as the movement of time. It is the middle ground between the light of the sun and the darkness of the night. Also known as the realm between the conscious and the unconscious.  During the phases of the moon, we encounter the moon's energetic energies of immortality, eternity, enlightenment, and inner knowledge. 

The moon manipulates not only the ocean tides, the rain, the waters, and the seasons, but also the phases of man's place in the world. Astrologically speaking the moon is seen as a symbol of the soul. Due to this Full Moon rituals have been made throughout the years to help us enlighten us through our journey of reflection and adaptation in this world. 

Like the moon, there is a side of you that most people never see. This side is where all your hopes, dreams, fears, wishes, and desires are found. Best known as our shadow side in shamanism, a hidden and unexposed side from the world. 

As the phases of the moon travel around the world, so do ours, making our shadow side more and more visible until we finally come into a Full Moon. 

Throughout Moon Rituals we can use the moon's energy to help our hopes and desires, our fears and worries, to become less and less hidden and to bring them forth from out of the shadow. 

Below you can find some moon rituals that we love and practice here at Loca Luna.

 Ritual No.2 //  New Moon Practice

Write down all your wishes, dreams, intentions, and desires. Remember to be as specific as you can be.

Read your list aloud. You can go outside beneath the sky or you can light a candle inside in offering. 

Give thanks to the Universe and the Goddess (or your chosen dedication) for hearing your truth.

Read as often as you are called until the Full Moon and then release the energy in sacred fire trusting in it coming into your life. 

Ritual No.4 // Drawing Down the Moon

Mother Goddess lend me your light.

Give me your power on this faithful night. 

I invoke you into my being and soul.

Fill up my vessel and make me feel whole.

I stand before you in awe and in love. 

I cherish the gifts you send from above. 

I ask you tonight to show unto me. 

My mother, My Goddess, so mote it be. 

Ritual No.1 // Full Moon Prayer

Sit down in a place that gives you an abundance of love and happiness and meditate to these sentences. 

I welcome transformation. 

I welcome growth. 

I welcome abundance. 

I know what I need. 

I am ready.

Ritual No.3 // 5 Sage Goddess Rituals

1. When you wake up in the morning, declare your intention for the day out loud to the universe and your guides. 

2. Close your eyes and take 7 deep breaths, one for each chakra, to balance your energy system. 

3. Smudge yourself from head to toe with sage to clear any negative energy from your body. 

4. Bless your food with gratitude to absorb its highest vibration of nutrients. 

5. Before you fall asleep, visualize cords connecting you to everyone you met that day, sending their energy back to them. 

Ritual No.5 // Full Moon Release

1. Write down on a piece of paper all of the things you would like to release from your life (attitudes, pain, emotions, addictions, relationships, behaviours etc..).

2. Go outside under the moon and read your list aloud. 

3. Burn your list under the moon (please be fire safety conscious).

4. Thank the moon and the universe

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Location: Bali, Indonesia (The Island of the gods)

Photographer: Charlie Jean

Model: Madeline Relph




Phases of the Moon 2017

Hello Moon Lovers, 

Even though 2016 is a couple of weeks away from being over. We want to celebrate the launch of our new website with the moon phases of each month for the 2017 year. This way you can add them up to your calendar and keep track of those crazy emotions we often experience under a Full and a New moon. Stay in touch with our moon journal as we will be posting things that lovers like us find inspirational and interesting. 


January, Wolf Moon - Awareness 

First Quarter Moon, January 6th

Full Moon, January 12th

Third Quarter Moon, January 20th

New Moon, January 28th

February, Snow Moon- Protection

First Quarter Moon, February 4th

Full Moon, February 11th

Third Quarter Moon, February 19th

New Moon, February 26th



March, Crow Moon- Enlivened

First Quarter Moon, March 5th

Full Moon, March 12th

Third Quarter Moon, March 21st

New Moon, March 28th

April, Pink Moon- Hopeful Motivation

First Quarter Moon, April 4th

Full Moon, April 11th

Third Quarter Moon, April 19th

New Moon, April 26th



May, Flower Moon- Invigorating

First Quarter Moon, May 3rd

Full Moon, May 11th

Third Quarter Moon, May 19th

New Moon, May 26th

June, Strawberry Rose Moon- Soothing Satisfaction

First Quarter Moon, June 1st

Full Moon, June 9th

Third Quarter Moon, June 17th

New Moon, June 24th



July, Thunder Moon- Brazen

First Quarter Moon, July 1st

Full Moon, July 9th

Third Quarter Moon, July 17th

New Moon, July 23rd

First Quarter Moon, July 30th

August, Red Moon- Deep and Lush

Full Moon, August 8th

Third Quarter Moon, August 15th

New Moon, August 22nd

First Quarter Moon, August 29th



September, Harvest Moon- Beautiful Abundance

Full Moon, September 6th

Third Quarter Moon, September 13th

New Moon, September 20th

First Quarter Moon, September 28th

October, Blood Moon- Potent

Full Moon, October 6th

Third Quarter Moon, October 12th

New Moon, October 20th

First Quarter Moon, October 28th



November, Frosty Moon- Releasing

Full Moon, November 4th

Third Quarter Moon, November 11th

New Moon, November 18th

First Quarter Moon, November 27th

December, Cold Moon- Warm and Therapeutic

Full Moon, December 3rd

Third Quarter Moon, December 10th

New Moon, December 18th

First Quarter Moon, December 26th