Loca Luna: The moon, her dreams, her magnetic power.

Born under the beams of the third new moon, Loca Luna is a beautiful combination of treasured love and magical moments transformed into delicate mementos. Each fragment of our work is inspired by our love and curiosity for the moon and life's beautiful messes. 


Each design comes from a notebook, which is then hand-delivered to our skilled companions of generational artisans in Bali, Indonesia. There, the jewelry is carved out of wax and handcrafted, one by one.

Finally, each finished piece is sent to a loving human, where it will find a lifetime home with awaiting adventures. 

Always reflecting a special place from a particular time in Natalia's world wanderings, these pieces have been designed with the receiver in mind. The souls that find they are bound by no place, those that find home is everywhere. 



Born and raised in the tropics of Honduras and the Peruvian rainforest, Natalia Colichon has always been a creator of beauty.  

Her stubborn curiosity of the unknown led her to roam different corners of the world in which she has collected memories that have flourished into the shapes of delicate artifacts. Throughout her explorations, she has studied various techniques and designs that have helped her cultivate a singular style. 

For Natalia, creating fine, delicate jewelry pieces is an intimate process. She always thinks first about how a design will be used and where it will be worn. The birth of Loca Luna helped her express and find herself in ways she never thought she would.

Element: Water

Birth Sign: Cancer

Ruling Planet: The Moon